Russian Winters: The Story of Andrei Kanchelskis

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Impressive - fast-moving autobiography from globetrotting footballer

WHO would have thought that former Manchester United favourite Paul Ince used to have a swig of brandly to settle himself before games? Or that Fiorentina players are barred by their club from visiting McDonald's? All is revealed in this enthralling autobiography by Andrei Kanchelskis who variously played Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Glasgow Rangers, plus clubs in Russia, Italy and Saudi, before taking up management. The compelling narrative, expertly co-written by Tim Rich, explores all the ups-and-downs of his globetrotting career (not just as footballer). There were many triumphs, but also great sadnesses - for instance, when he and former wife, Inna, lost their first baby. Many years later, there was more despair when she left him for a Russian pop singer whom she had met after one of his concerts. Evidently, the author has not been spoiled by fame and fortune. He says: "Money doesn't change you - it doesn't alter who you are. "It is a mask, there for you to hide behind." Russian Winters is also reviewed at

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