Mount Vernon Publishing Group was founded in 2023 and incorporates three imprints.



Mount Vernon Publishing was established in Liverpool in 2023 to publish outstanding non-fiction books with a focus on sport and the city of Liverpool.

Taking its name from the Mount Vernon Parade Ground, this part of the city was site of the “Grand Olympic Festivals” - the 1860s precursor of the modern Olympics. Most people know about Pierre de Coubertin as the founder of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, but he he was simply following Liverpool’s lead.

Mount Vernon Publishing publishes books with the highest production values. It also operates the historic deCoubertin imprint and markets and distributes books under the Toffeeopolis brand.



Toffeeopolis is a new imprint founded in 2023 by four well-known Everton writers. Combining their professional skills across a range of sectors, they created the company as a cooperative. Their mission: to create great books that celebrate the culture, history and magic of Everton FC.

The new imprint also manages the publishing rights of some of the biggest names in Everton history, including the club’s most successful manager, Howard Kendall, and its greatest living and most successful player, Neville Southall.



deCoubertin Books was founded in 2009. Over the following 12 years it published around 100 titles by a distinguished community of international athletes, managers and media. They shared a combined 431 international caps, 20 English league titles, 11 FA Cups, 5 European Cups, 2 World Cup wins as well as Serie A, Bundesliga, SPL and Footballer of the Year medals. They played for or managed clubs including Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, AS Roma, Real Madrid, Rangers and Fiorentina. They include journalists, contributors and broadcasters from virtually every significant news organisation in the UK and beyond. deCoubertin authors were shortlisted on ten occasions for Sports Book of the Year awards and long listed for the William Hill Sports Book prize, the richest sportswriting prize in the world.

In 2023 Mount Vernon Publishing acquired deCoubertin.