Mount Vernon Publishing Group is a small publisher of non-fiction. We specialise in sport, although that is not our only focus, and we welcome submissions from across a wide range of non-fiction, in particular, reportage, memoir, narrative non-fiction, travel and history.

The main guideline for submitting work to Mount Vernon Publishing Group is simply to write well and be fresh, interesting and relevant.

Here is a list of practical things that will help us deal with your submission:

  • Please enclose a cover letter telling us a little about yourself, what your book is about and why you think we should publish it.
  • Enclose an outline, which should include a synopsis not longer than two pages long, plus a chapter by chapter breakdown.
  • Submissions should include three chapters, ideally the first three.
  • We aim to read every manuscript within six weeks but unfortunately we can only respond individually to successful submissions. We cannot return unsuitable work.
  • Please be patient and don’t bombard us with emails or phone calls. We will get round to you.
  • Be realistic in your expectations about your book. The majority of our titles sell 2000-3000 copies. Most of our authors are on royalty only or profit sharing deals.
  • Unless you write about boy wizards publishing won't make you rich and the royalties are unlikely to cover the time and effort you put into your work. But there are few better things than seeing your name in print. 

Don't be discouraged if we don’t ask to see your work after your initial enquiry. We are a small publisher with finite resources. 


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